The Woods

Quilted Sapele


This Amazing Exotic Species of Wood is Indigenous to Africa.  The Pieces we have are Highly Figured.

Red Malle Burl


This Gorgeous Exotic Species of Wood is Indigenous to Australia.  This wood has an array of Red's and Pink's near the Heart, even Greyish Browns when closer to the Sapwood. 

Brown Malle Burl


Brown Malle is Inigenous to Southeastern Australia.  It usually has great Figure and has Golden and Brown Tones throughout.  

Black Nargusta Burl


Sometime Called, Canxan Negro, usually grows from Mexico to Brazil.  It has an Array of Hues, from Yellow,Brown, to Grey.  This is a Beautiful Burl that would make any Call Stunning. 

Bimble Box Burl


Another Burl Species from Australia.  Bimble Box is fairly dense and hard.  It has a golden honey heartwood, with a hint of creamy tan sapwood near the center.