MiG Custom Call Models

The Different MiG Models Described by Michael Meredith

So here is a quick description of each call for those of you unsure of or just inquiring about MiG Custom Calls. 

MiG 13 - I've recently added the MiG 13 to the lineup.  It is a small bore timber style call with plenty of rasp for tight working ducks or those calm mornings where a loud call will hurt you more than helping.

MiG 15
- The 15 is the easiest of the calls to run. It's designed to be a smooth running call that most anyone can use. Mid range volume. 

MiG 17 -
The 17 is the same as the 15 with a different tone channel to give it more rasp and a touch more aggressive calling style. It's the most popular of my designs. Another mid range volume call. What I've hunted for a while now. 

MiG 19 - The 19 is an open water style call. It is bored out for more volume to produce a clean ringing top end but still have the hold and bottom end to work ducks at close range. 

MiG 21 - The 21 is a different toneboard than the others. Has a large bore to be loud and aggressive with plenty of rasp. The most aggressive of the calls. 

MiG Cutdown - The MiG Custom Cut is my version of a cutdown. Long toneboard, short insert, and 014 reed. Massive exhaust with no back pressure but it still has plenty of hold to finesse ducks.