MiG Custom Call Models

The Different MiG Models Described by Michael Meredith

So here is a quick description of each call for those of you unsure of or just inquiring about MiG Custom Calls. 

MiG 15
- The 15 is the easiest of the calls to run. It's designed to be a smooth running call that most anyone can use. Mid range volume. 

MiG 17 -
The 17 is the same as the 15 with a different tone channel to give it more rasp and a touch more aggressive calling style. It's the most popular of my designs. Another mid range volume call. What I've hunted for a while now. 

MiG 19 - The 19 is an open water style call. It is bored out for more volume to produce a clean ringing top end but still have the hold and bottom end to work ducks at close range. 

MiG 21 - The 21 is a different toneboard than the others. Has a large bore to be loud and aggressive with plenty of rasp. The most aggressive of the calls. 

MiG Cutdown - The MiG Custom Cut is my version of a cutdown. Long toneboard, short insert, and 014 reed. Massive exhaust with no back pressure but it still has plenty of hold to finesse ducks.


Heron Game Calls Models



Rusty Heron's original Model, the SRT-1 (Short Reed Technology) Canada Goose Call.  Rusty uses his HG1 broke in gut system in his calls.  Rusty took a set of broken in guts that he had used in one of his calls for 15 years and had them molded to come up with the HG1 guts that he uses in each of his calls. 


Rusty's second Model is the SRT-3. With all the great ability as the SRT-1, the SRT-3 brings more of a built in pitch to this model. It is a faster, more responsive call, than the SRT-1 Model.  It is also more compact than the SRT-1

Rusty Blowing his SRT-3 Model and SRT-1

Check out this great video